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Making copies of Roman mosaics - Starting the right way

Roman Mosaic Kits

Roman mosaic kits, suitable for adults and children.

Do you want to understand what goes into those ancient mosaics, what work they had to do? Now you can, these kits have been put together to give you that experience. Easy to use, the work is in applying the instructions you are given.

No previous artistic talent needed, these are suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience of mosaic work.

Mosaic tiles / tesserae

Need just the mosaic tiles to start your work? Here you will find the ones I use, from children's kits to the most exacting work using 5mm tiles.

Mosaic Cutting Tools

Tools, hammer & hardie sets, nippers, anything that is used with your hands.

Mosaic accesories

Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories!

Drawing Roman Geometric Patterns

Do you want to learn how you can draw the patterns you see in Roman geometric mosaics and be able to do it without any previous experience or training in geometry? Then this is where you can get the resources to be able to do it.

Step by step guides take you through the system that you can apply to any pattern you want to draw and because you are applying the same, simple system it means your skills improve for every one you do.

Workshops 2022

In person workshops for 2022! Details of the different workshops are in each separate post.

Other Kits

These are different kits from the main ones. These can be just for fun or aimed at teachers and other educators.

Learning & Teaching

This is where you can find publications that help you to learn about the rules and any other areas of Roman mosaics. You will also find resources if you want to run your own Roman mosaic courses or workshops. The different levels are indicated in the descriptions.

Should you need any help deciding what is right for you then just get in touch with me, Lawrence, at


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